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5000+ Free Computer & Internet Books

General Programming

How to Be a Programmer -
How to Design Programs -
Practical Theory of Programming -
Software Engineering for Internet Applications -
Structure and interpretation of computer programs -
The Programmers Stone -
Subversion Version Control: Using the Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects -


Ada 95 Rational -
Ada 95 Reference Manual -
Changes to Ada 1987 - 1995 -
Ada 95: The Lovelace Tutorial -
The Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming -


Algorithms and Complexity -
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms -


Assembly Language Tutorial -
Programming From the Ground Up -
Ralph Brown's Interrupt List -
The Art of Assembly Language Programming -
The Assembly Language Database -
Win32 Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers -


A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C -
C Programming -
Object Orientated Programming in ANSI-C -
The C Book -
Writing Bug-Free C Code -
C - Elements of Style -
Learning GNU C -


An Overview Of The C++ Programming Langauge -
C++ Annotations -
C++ Annotations -
C++ Coding Standard -
C++ Course -
C++ How To -
C++ In Action -
C++: A Dialog -
How To Think Like A Computer Scientist with C++ -
Introduction To OOP Using C++ -
Introduction To OOP Using C++ -
Objects First -
Optimizing C++ -
STL Guide -
STL Guide -
The Function Pointer Tutorials -
The Standard Template Library Tutorial -
Thinking in C++ -
Thinking in C++, Second Edition (Volumes 1 & 2) -
An Introduction to C++ Programming -
Programming in C++ - Rules and Recommendations -
A Beginners C++ Book -
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 -
Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets -


C# in Detail -
C# - The Basics -
C# Language Specification -
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C# -
Dissecting a C# Application - Inside SharpDevelop -
C# tutorial (2 .pdf's) -


CGI Programming on the World Wide Web -


zingCOBOL - A Beginners Guide to COBOL Programming -
Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days -
WebSphere Studio COBOL for Windows - Language Reference -
COBOL Programming Course -
WebSphere Studio COBOL for Windows - Programming Guide -
HP COBOL II/XL Reference Manual -


MySQL Reference Manual -
Oracle 10g Database Book and Documentation Library -


Delphi 2005 Tutorial for Beginners -
Delphi Training -
Essential Delphi -
Essential Pascal -
Delphi Language Guide - Delphi For The Microsoft .NET Framework -
Delphi Database Application Developers Guide -


Numerical Recipes with Fortran 77 -
Numerical Recipes with Fortran 90 -
Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran 77 -
User Notes on Fortran Programming (UNFP) -


HTML 4.01 Specifications -
Writing HTML -


How to Think Like a Computer Scientist with Java -
Introduction to Programming Using Java -
Introduction To Programming Using Java -
Java Programming Tutorial: Introduction to Computer Science -
Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition -
Thinking in Enterprise Java -
Java AWT Reference -
Enterprise JavaBeans -
Essentials of the Java Programming Language - Part 1 -
Essentials of the Java Programming Language - Part 2 -
Exploring Java -
Introduction to Computer Science using Java -
Java Language Reference -
Java Servlet Programming -
Java Web Services Tutorial -
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, Second Edition -
The Design Patterns: Java Companion -
1000 Java Tips e-Book -
Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java™ Components -
Java™ Application Development on Linux® -
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java -


Voodoo's Introduction to Javascript -


Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition -
The Linux Development Platform -
Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager -
Self-Service Linux®: Mastering the Art of Problem Determination -
Linux® Quick Fix Notebook -
Managing Linux Systems with Webmin: System Administration and Module Development -
An Introduction to GCC -
Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) -
Bash Reference Guide -
Bash Guide for Beginners -
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide -
Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide -
Red Hat Linux Developer Tools Guide -
Linux Debugging with gdb Guide -
Using cpp, the C Preprocessor Guide -


Loving Lisp - the Savy Programmer's Secret Weapon -

Open Source

Rapid Application Development with Mozilla -
Creating Applications with Mozilla -
Free as in Freedom -
Managing Projects with GNU make, 3rd Edition -
OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution -
Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing -
Embedded Software Development with eCos -
Open Source Security Tools: A Practical Guide to Security Applications -


HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide -
Perl 5 Documentation -
Perl for Perl Newbies -
Perl for Win32 FAQ -
Picking Up Perl -
Picking Up Perl -
Practical Perl Programming -
Beginning Perl -
Impatient Perl -
Extreme Perl -
MacPerl: Power & Ease -
Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason -
Perl for the Web -
Practical mod_perl (1st edition) -
Web Client Programming with Perl -
Perl 5 By Example -
An Introduction to Perl -


Practical PHP Programming -
A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0 -
PHP 5 Power Programming -
Practical PHP Programming -


Adventure in Prolog -
Building Expert Systems in Prolog -
Prolog Programming A First Course -


Non-Programmers Tutorial for Python -
Official Python Documentation -
Text Processing in Python -
Python Reference Manual -
Python Imaging Library Handbook -
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Learning with Python -
Dive Into Python -
Thinking in Python -
A Byte of Python -


Programming Ruby - The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide (First Edition) -
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby - <--the funniest programming book I have ever seen! Samba

Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment -
Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment, 2nd Edition -
The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide -
Implementing CIFS: The Common Internet File System -


Comparison of Different SQL Implementations -
SQL - A Practical Introduction -
Introduction To Structured Query Language -
Practical PostgreSQL -


FreeBSD Handbook -
The UNIX-HATERS Handbook -

Visual Basic and

Programming VB.NET - A Guide For Experienced Programmers -
Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET -
Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers

XML XML Essentials -

Misc. stuff that is worth reading

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